YouPower is proud to present its revolutionary multicharge system for electric vehicles

YouPower BAR

YouPower BAR is a revolutionary multicharge system for electric vehicles

Designed to overcome the constraints of conventional charging columns, the YouPower BAR is the ultimate solution for electric vehicle recharging.

With its cutting-edge technology, the YouPower BAR replaces the need for multiple charging columns, making it an efficient and cost-effective

YouPower BAR is a revolutionary multicharge system

One BAR fits all!


  • Modular design for easy scaling
  • Residential and commercial use
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Adaptable to the energy load of your building
  • Intuitive Plug & Recharge
  • Slow charging reduces batteries overheating
  • Customizable
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Reliable for homeowners and businesses
  • Simplifies the switch to electric vehicles

A new way to recharge e-vehicles without high cost of installation

With the YouPower BAR you take your electric mobility to new heights.

With a configurable and customizable design, the YouPower BAR provides an easy and smart way to access sustainable e-mobility.

Modular and adaptable to changing needs: from 1 to up to 50 cars

YouPower BAR is the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. It can be customized to suit your venue's requirements quickly and simply.

With the ability to add multiple charging stations at any time, without requiring installation interventions, the YouPower BAR is a flexible and cost-effective choice.

The App makes the difference

With the YouPower BAR app, you are always in control. You can activate the recharging process and manage it in real-time, monitor the energy supplied and get cost estimates. You can export all your data and prioritize your vehicles with ease.

A unique and customizable design: Bar adds value to your garage

Add a touch of style and sophistication to your home with the customizable exterior of the YouPower BAR. With infinite colors and finishing options, the YouPower BAR can be harmoniously integrated into any design, adding value and enhancing the visual appeal of your home or business.

With bright brackets that indicate the activity status, you can easily monitor whether the charging station is available, currently in use, or has completed the recharging process.

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the YouPower BAR

Versatile and flexible installation in all types of venues

Choose the installation option that suits you best with the YouPower BAR. Whether you prefer to install it on the wall or on the ground with a pole, or even the double-sided version, the YouPower BAR is designed for maximum flexibility and convenience.

The Unlimited


Ready to revolutionize your e-mobility approach?

Come to discover our signature NFT by Rubicon Studio at YouPower Installation in Milan

YouPower Bar presents @Fuorisalone - Superstudio a visionary installation designed by Studio MILO

The BAR is transformed in a surprising concept, where becomes the building block of the entire structure

YouPower becomes a playful, entertaining and meeting place
A modern Agora where to spend a recharging and recreational experience

Tech Specs

Bus rated current 100 160
General Characteristics
Regulatory compliance IEC/EN61439-6
Protection level IP 44 44
Mechanical seal IK 08 08
Rated current at room temperature Inc A 100 160
Rated insulation voltage Ui V 500 500
Impulse voltage Uimp kV 6 6
Nominal frequency f Hz 50 50
Size 160x40 160x40
Conductor material Al Al
Parameter Specify
Security Standards IEC/EN 61851-1, IEC/EN 62311, IEC/EN
62479, IEC/EN 62955
IP classification IP44
IK degree according to IEC 62262 IK10 IK8+ for an operating temperature between -20 °C
Provisions IEC 61851-1
Nominal voltage 230/400V
Network Frequency 50Hz
Current intensity 16/32A
Maximum power current 11/22Kw
Charging link Type 2 charging cable
Phase system 3-phase
Backend Communications Wi-Fi,LAN, optional LTE/WLAN, OCPP 1.6
Overvoltage category III
Compatibility With YouPower BAR 160A
Charge Management System Dynamic building load